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It's time to start a Revolution together--to draw a line in the sand and shout to the world, "I am worth loving and my body is worth fighting for!" 

This highly original, bestselling book will take you by the hand and lead you on a journey of repairing your relationship with yourself and your beautiful body.

Includes a link to a FREE 32-minute Audio Affirmation mp3 with powerful and positive messages to help you create the body and life you desire and deserve!

The Low carb Revolution




"My entire life is changing due to this book. This gets my highest recommendation." --Dr. Joe Vitale, NY Times bestselling author and co-star of the movie, The Secret 

Real Artists ship

"I highly recommend this book--it is an incredible exploration of the human psyche and seduction." --Hannah B.  

"John McLean has a distinct style of writing that makes you feel he's sitting right beside you on the couch, guiding you through the entire process, much like a friend and well-wisher would do." --Mihir Karia

This fast-paced book will guide you on the Adventure of a Lifetime--writing and publishing your first book! 

"One of the best books I have read on writing and publishing. I am truly a fan." --Steve Mayeda

You'll discover everything that's required to successfully write and bring a new book into the marketplace. And you'll learn some highly original  and little known Secrets of unlocking your creativity and Awakening your Inner Writer!


The Seduction Bible is an epic exploration of the most taboo and forbidden sides of yourself…it will profoundly improve your understanding of seduction, women and your purpose in the world.

​This remarkable and easy-to-read book takes you on a daring journey within yourself—into the previously unexplored recesses where your deepest, darkest hungers yearn for more. More pleasure. More success. More of an impact on those around you.



A short, magical fable set in Barcelona, Spain, that begins when a mysterious card reader encourages he narrator to go on a Fast in order to open the door to new possibilities in life.

No sooner does the narrator stop eating than the dark, powerful woman known as The Hunger shows up and takes him on an unexpected inner journey in which he finally reconnects with a long-neglected part of himself--the Little Boy within.


dancing with the hunger

you are not destined for greatness...

"This short book by John McLean invites you to become aware of how your inner parts work together for your well being...fasting becomes the readiness process for us to open the doors within. I really enjoyed this short read." --Ricardo Gil  

When a young woman abruptly loses her job, she finds herself in a position to take her life in a completely new direction. However, each of her various sides have their own conflicting ideas about which way she should go.

​Only when an ancient, mystical man known only as the Wisdom Keeper shows up does her future become clearer.The Wisdom Keeper helps her awaken an almost forgotten side of herself so she can sail off into a bright new future of wonderment and possibility.

"Great read--really helpful in better understanding all the parts of myself and how they can work together." --Tracy Lynch 

zen and the art of stripping

but you can still find it!

"What initially appears to be a lighthearted look at how a nineteen year old might try to make her monthly rent in a mere 24 hours, turns into a thought provoking look at the need to be truly in touch with our inner selves. I urge you all to read this short book." --Lynette

19 year old Kazz Morehouse goes from winning at life to totally sucking at it in the span of a single, horrible run-in with her Landlord.

Forced to earn an entire month's rent in less than 24 hours, Kazz plunges into a world she's never experienced before. A dark, wicked world populated by strippers, dealers, cheaters, Nobel laureates and even the ghost of a former showgirl from the Golden Age of Las Vegas. But all of this is just the start of surreal adventure that Kazz experiences in this comic, cosmic, crazy tale!

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John McLean travels the globe for much of the year--while keeping a home base in Austin, TX

He has lived in Mexico City, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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Born in 1974 to a French-Canadian mother and an American father, John McLean attended high school in Mexico City at Colegio Vista Hermosa. He speaks English, French and Spanish fluently. He has 2 1/2 children, and is the author of 6 books and counting

His last full-time job before transitioning to writing full time was as a Strip Club DJ.